Eggs Benedict

   If you try to do it yourself, it will be more economical. Introducing the Eggs Benedict Bread recipe.The greasy egg yolk goes well with the bread.


Whole Wheat Bread
     Greens Coz
     Sliced ​​Tomatoes
     Low Fat Bologna 
     Poached Eggs
     Mustard Cheese

Sauce Ingredients Mustard Cheese Sauce

     cream cheese 
     soy milk (skimmed milk) To

make mustard cheese sauce

     1. Mix together cream cheese, mustard and soy milk.
     2. Import the microwave Seasoned with salty and spicy Add a little sour.

How to Make Eggs Benedict

     Bread 1. Place the whole wheat bread on top. Followed by vegetables, bologna and poached eggs.
     2. Drizzle mustard cheese sauce and serve

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