Reduce the risk of getting cancer easily.

How can we reduce the risk of getting cancer easily? Cancer is one of the leading causes of killing worldwide and there is a tendency that more people will get sick with this disease every year. For Thailand, common cancers include liver cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer. Colon cancer And breast cancer with various factors that cause cancer. Whether it is hereditary family Daily lifestyle, smoking, alcohol use; Including various foods That we ate All have an effect on causing cancer altogether.

Which, in addition to drugs and medical advances, will help us stay away from cancer Taking care of your diet can also help reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Just choose to eat wisely. Cancer is closer to you than we thought. Which taking care of the body can be done easily By changing the eating habits and life Choose a healthy diet. Hygienically cooked To reduce the risk of causing cancer.

How to cook away reduce the risk of getting cancer

Avoid the grill menu

In grilled or smoked foods, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAH, are produced by burning fat in meat dripping onto charcoal. Until causing toxic fumes that are carcinogenic If eaten in large quantities or regularly eaten It will accumulate in the body until the cause of various types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer or stomach cancer.

If you want to cook with grill or smoked, you should

  • Take the meat to cut off the fat part first.
  • Bring the meat to a boil or bake until it is cooked to perfection. And then grilling or smoked
  • If this is unavoidable, the charred part should be cut off first. And then be eaten It will help reduce the risk of exposure to carcinogens.

Not eating processed food

In processed meats such as Chinese sausage, sausage, ham or bacon, there is often saltpeter. Or preservatives are ingredients to keep the meat looking good and stay longer than usual, although these substances are useful in preserving food and helping to stop the growth of bacteria in food But these substances are all carcinogens. If the body has been over a long time It will increase the risk of cancer even more as well.

Stop using fried oil repeatedly.

Using oil that has been fried repeatedly Times will lower the nutritional value. In addition to not having a positive effect on the body as a whole It also increases the risk of cancer, so it is best to avoid restaurants that reuse frying oil. Or the store that leads it is dark and has a rancid smell

Just the right season

Eat food that is cooked in moderation. Should not cook food to have a strong flavor. Or too salty Including not eating fermented food Because if the body gets a lot of sodium Will result in reduced potassium salt content Causing the immune system to decrease as well Consuming sodium may increase the risk of cancer of the stomach or esophagus.

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