Green soymilk mineral water

Green soymilk mineral water is the recipe contains bananas, which are rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. Spinach, known as the King of Minerals and Vitamins, grapefruit contains the same acid as lemons that help the basic metabolism in the body. They are also high in potassium. It has properties to cure swelling as well. Mixing banana in vegetable juice. Not only will it sweeten the taste, but it will also add volume and intensity when you’re tired, having a glass of it will do much better.

For spinach, you can use leafy vegetables such as sweet turnips or other green leafy vegetables instead. The trick is to add some citrus fruit.

Green soymilk Ingredient

  • 1 banana (100 g), peeled, blended, set aside because of its sticky consistency.
  • 1⁄2 bunch of spinach (150 g), thoroughly washed, used raw Do not cut the roots. When put in the pulp separator, roll the leaves. It is easier to spin thoroughly.
  • 1⁄2 grapefruit (60 g), cut in half, peeled and thinly attached Carved into petals So that it can be conveniently placed in the pulp separator
  • Tofu Juice 200 cc. Tofu juice without additives, 1 cc contains 0.4 mg soy isoflavones, so 100 cc is 40 mg, which is enough for one day.

 Fundamentals for Weight Loss with Green soymilk Recipe

  1. Drink mineral water tofu instead of breakfast. When the body has vitamins Minerals needed for One day in the morning The feeling of fullness at lunch and dinner will be different from the original: you get full faster, you should drink about 400 – 500 cc at one time, or, if not enough, drink until full.
  2. Making vegetable juices with a pulp extractor is best. Drink this mineral water tofu recipe for just one week. Just like the body gets the amount of vegetables consumed in a month, the juice can be canned or boxed. But the self-squeezed vegetable juice contains more vitamins and minerals.
  3. your skin will be beautiful. The isoflavins in the curd works similar to female hormones. Therefore contributing to the maintenance of the skin to be beautiful and smooth Pores smaller
  4. Feeling full when the body gets enough vitamins and minerals When the body gets enough vitamins and minerals The brain sends a signal that it is “full”, even if you have just eaten a little. It allows to stop the mouth at the eighth-tenths of the stomach capacity without reluctance.
  5. Continued to lose weight Losing weight is meaningless if not continued throughout your life. This weight loss formula will make everything possible. Because it’s a simple way It’s easier than making breakfast every day.
  6. Use ready-made fruit and vegetable juices. Busy working time or out in the provinces Drink 200 cc of store-bought ready-made fruit and vegetable juice mixed with 200cc of soybean juice, enough to last until lunch without feeling hungry.
  7. It is delicious and does not get bored as the ingredients are arranged freely. First of all, it must be a delicious drink. If it’s not tasty, you can’t drink it all day. You can change the ingredients of various vegetables as you like. So you can drink without getting bored.

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