What is Obesity

Obesity  is a condition in which the body accumulates fat in its own section. Of the body too much. Until it is a risk factor for disease affecting health, which is currently the World Health Organization has classified obesity.

Obesity is categorized into 3 types according to the area where fat accumulation occurs:
  • Metabolic obesity refers to obesity due to the excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen and internal organs. Often occurs in men Which is at risk of complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Big hips Or pear-like fat Often found in women
  • Whole body fat means having both belly and big hips together, which is very dangerous. Because there is a chance of complications and diseases caused by a lot of weight. Easily direct, such as degenerative arthritis, back pain, easy fatigue and difficulty breathing, etc.

Obesity is often a barrier to beauty for women. Especially obesity that affects the body shape problems that are not proportioned, such as a small body but big hips Or have a large belly, upper arms and thighs Usually caused by eating more food than the body needs to use.

Usually, the food we eat is converted into energy for the body to use in work or activities, so if we eat more food than we need The remainder will be converted to fat in various parts eventually.

When obesity is caused by eating unbalanced food with the body, it can be used up. Until resulting in fat deposits in various parts.

So the best prevention of obesity means Choosing a diet that is proportionate or dietary does not allow the body to get more than necessary. Which has 4 simple principles which are.
  1. Choose to eat lightly refined rice or flour, such as brown rice, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole grains, as they are slowly absorbed into your body, making you feel full longer.
  2. Opt for lean meats. And should avoid all types of processed meat foods such as sausage, ham or sausage, etc., because these foods are high in energy and have a lot of hidden fat
  3. Choose foods that are low in energy but high in fiber, including fruits, vegetables, legumes. Plain, skimmed milk Or natural yoghurt Because it will help with excretion as well
  4. Choose to eat unsaturated fats. Or vegetable fats which are good fats Because the body needs to get vitamins, some of which rely on fat as a destroyer.

In addition, you should know how to modify the food. Or cook low-energy food such as steaming, stew, baking, broiling, or stir-frying instead of deep frying. And should exercise regularly to keep the body healthy.

simple ways to help you stay away from obesity

Obesity or a condition where fat has accumulated in different parts Of the body than normal It is mostly caused by getting energy from eating in excess of food.

But the body uses too little that energy in our daily activities. Causing the remaining energy to be converted into fat and then accumulated in various parts. In the end, it can be seen that ” obesity ” and women are incompatible with each other. Because it is a real enmity to beauty

However, when obesity is caused by a diet that is unbalanced that the body can use, therefore, in order to avoid obesity the best means. Choosing a balanced diet And exercising to burn the excess energy that the body has gained Which has a simple way as follows

  1. Eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks between meals. Which should be a small meal That does not give too much energy, remember not to use the diet. Because it will make you hungry more and eat more than usual And dinner has to be eaten before 6:00 p.m.
  2. Choose to eat only low-calorie foods that are high in fiber. Such as fruits and vegetables.
  3. Don’t vent your anger or frustration with snacks. Because it will cause weight gain without knowing It’s important to eat when hungry, not to satisfy cravings.
  4. Remember that no magic pill will help you lose weight. Most of them are nerve agents that cause a decrease in appetite. But when you stop taking the drug, it will make you even more fat.
  5. Exercise regularly Should be given at least 3 days a week and spent at least 30 minutes per session to keep the body healthy. 

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