OMAD the new way to lose weight Does it really work?

How is OMAD eaten?

OMAD is eating only 1 meal per day, with 1 meal that can be selected for meals or at the time of eating according to the needs. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, and eat whatever you like.

More importantly, it can be eaten within an hour only. During the day, you must never eat or drink anything that contains calories except ‘water’ as soon as you start fasting. The body’s mechanisms continue to use energy normally. As a result, calories and fat are reduced steadily and quickly.

After fasting for 12 hours, glycogen, a nutrient type carbohydrate. That helps produce energy reserves for the body will eventually be depleted.

However, people who want to lose weight with OMAD should not overdo it. Should increase flexibility to suit our body as well, if you spend more energy than usual. Or may have just come back from exercise Do heavy sports It is wise to find a drink without calories during the day, such as black coffee or green tea, etc.

Many women who have tried OMAD weight loss methods appear to be more effective than expected.

 Therefore making weight loss using this method is very popular, especially in foreign countries Someone has ever reviewed how to lose weight by eating just one meal per day for 7-8 months in a row.

It appeared that her body weight had dropped to 50 kilograms ever. As before, she weighed almost 100 kilograms, which was amazing.

However, for the first time May result in weight loss by using this method You may feel tired at first for a few days, but then your body will quickly adjust to food. And feel that it is no longer suffering from your body.

For anyone who wants to try to lose weight with OMAD, we have the following tips.

– Even within an hour’s time, you might be able to choose whatever you want. But is it better? If you eat this one meal or hour, you eat all the healthy foods your body needs: protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber. It focuses mainly on vegetables and eggs.

– You should eat one meal around 16.00-18.00, because after fatigue all day. This is the time when the body deserves the most rewards.

– Many people who are afraid that they will not eat all 5 food groups in that meal Can choose to eat supplements according to.

What do scientists think about OMAD?

According to research and studies in 2017 and experiments, it was found that people who ate 1-2 meals per day had a significant decrease in their BMI.

It was also found that fasting for six consecutive weeks would improve blood sugar levels and body weight in diabetics. OMAD was not without its disadvantages. It’s like a coin that always has two sides. Let’s take a look at how the OMAD diet side effects.


– Lose weight quickly
– Can eat the food you like as needed
– Easy control, no need to waste time sitting and counting calories
– Helps lower blood sugar levels. Reduce the incidence of diabetes
– the body can digest And easier to excrete


– Not suitable for people with little patience
– low energy gain
– tired body Fatigue faster than usual
– when the body is very hungry. Can be frustrating And can cause stress

If your body is not ready to cope with this drastic weight loss method. Do not try to force your own body. Because even if you get a beautiful body But it may cost you poor mental health.

Therefore, before choosing to lose weight with this method Sometimes you may have to weigh. And reflect on first For your own safety

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