Which disease patients should avoid coffee far away?

Coffee is a daily drink that many people may have started drinking since they were teenagers. However, over time, certain illnesses may occur. Which makes drinking our may not be as satisfying as before because drinking makes me feel sick or provoke illness. Therefore, in order not to harm the body with coffee. Let’s see what illnesses, diseases, should be avoided.

1. Insomnia.

        It is well known that coffee contains caffeine that makes you feel alert. Therefore, people with chronic insomnia It should avoid drinking. Especially in the period after 2:00 p.m. UFABET

2. Uncontrollable high blood pressure

        Coffee contains both caffeine and diterpenes. Which has the effect of increasing the work of the heart constrict blood vessels As a result, blood pressure can increase. drinking large amounts of coffee So it may make your heart tremble. restless and a momentary increase in blood pressure

        Therefore, if there is already high blood pressure and unable to control symptoms. Avoid drinking large amounts at the same time. You should only drink once a day. or at least 4 hours apart. Because the effect can affect blood pressure for up to 1-3 hours ever. In addition, you should not drink coffee before doing strenuous activities such as exercising, running, or lifting weights. Because it will increase your blood pressure even further.

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