Diseases that prohibit eating too much garlics, Who should avoid?

          This group of people should be wary of eating excessive amounts of garlics. Including garlic extract because it may affect the following disease.

Who are allergic Both people who are allergic to smell and allergies to substances in garlic 

people with gastritis Because has acid gas in itself. Eating too much can irritate the stomach or more pain in the stomach

Acid reflux disease The gas acid in garlic can aggravate heartburn UFABET

People with red eyes Because garlic has a hot, pungent effect, which may increase symptoms.

people with low blood pressure or patients with hypertension. Who are taking antihypertensive drugs. Because has properties to help reduce blood pressure. So if eating too much garlics or taking it with blood pressure medication. May cause the pressure to be lower than before 

People preparing for surgery Stop eating at least 2 weeks before surgery because might slow blood clotting. Risk of bleeding difficult after surgery It also affects blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

People taking anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin because has an anticoagulant effect as well. therefore synergistically and may cause more bleeding.

People taking certain NSAIDs, such as aspirin, which affect blood clotting. 

Diabetic patients who take blood sugar lowering drugs. The drug should not be taken together with extract. because it will reduce the sugar level to be lower

Pregnant or breastfeeding women Do not eat garlic extracts that contain high amounts of the active substance. Because it can cause unwanted side effects in children. But can eat in the form of normal food 

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