Ham Fried Rice.

   Have you ever eaten only Thai-style ham fried rice? How about changing the deliciousness to making Japanese-style ham fried rice? Recipe from us.



 Corn kernels

Green peas
Steamed rice

Chicken eggs
Soy sauce (or Japanese soy sauce) 

Method Make Ham Mayonnaise Fried Rice.

      1. Put ham, vegetables and mayonnaise in a pan. put it on high heat Stir until the mayonnaise melts a little.     

2. When the mayonnaise starts to melt. Add steamed rice and stir.

3. Season with light soy sauce. (*The taste of mayonnaise is already quite intense. don’t put too much Taste before adding the soy sauce.)
     4. Add the egg and stir quickly. You need to turn the spatula quickly, otherwise the rice will stick together.

5. Stir until the egg is cooked and the rice looks dry. UFABET


1.Use rice that has been stored in the refrigerator. Then put it in a plastic bag or cup. Press or crush the rice to break apart before stir-frying or in unavoidable cases. Put rice in a bowl Crack raw eggs into the steamed rice before stir-frying.

 2. Vegetables used should be vegetables that do not produce water during heat, such as mushrooms, etc. Vegetables must be drained and dried. (Otherwise the fried rice will be wet)
     3. Use high heat while stir-frying rice
     4. Use 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise per 1 cup of rice

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